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  Governor Ben Paulen
Ben Paulen

80th Anniversary   

Governor Kathleen Sebeluis
Kathleen Sebeluis

"All Kansas Air Tour"

1928 - 2008


In 1928, Governor Ben Paulen launched into the sky above Kansas to celebrate the biggest thing ever attempted in Kansas. He said that he knew of nothing in the United States that was its equivalent. A 25 aircraft caravan would tour Kansas. The tour started at Wichita and cemented Kansasí bid to become the AIR CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

In 2008, the All Kansas Air Tour will highlight a state that is ďair-minded." Kansas communities are bidding on the right to host a stop on the tour. Kansas aviation groups will give community members the opportunity to get up-close and personal with aviation. The Kansas aviation industry will have an opportunity to reach out to potential buyers. We will celebrate a dream created in the 1920's to become the center of the aviation industry. That dream is our reality.

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